2020 UAE Student Visa – Easy Way To Apply

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The Best Guide To Get A UAE Student Visa

Have you been searching for how to get UAE student visa before you landed on this article? Well, I guess your answer is most likely to a YES!  Congratulations because you have just landed on the right page. below are steps on how to apply or get a UAE student visa.

Table Of Contents

  1. what is UAE student Visa.
  2. Eligibility To Get A UAE Student Visa.
  3. Know The Cost Of Getting A UAE Student Visa.
  4. What Are The Requirements/Documents To Get A UAE Student Visa? 
  5. How To Apply For The UAE Student Visa.
  6. Some Important Key Points You Should Note When Applying For The UAE Student Visa 
1. What is UAE student visa? 

UAE which is an acronym for United Arab Emirates is one of the hottest places one the continent where many students around the world wish to further their education. It provides great opportunities for students to get a good job after their education. Other things you are going to enjoy studying in UAE include; good weather condition, good facilities, high quality education and other amazing benefits. Meanwhile check out some of the options available for UAE student visa below;

  • A student above 18 years of age who is a male, may get sponsored by his parents. 
  • A female student whom is not yet married can also be sponsored by her mother. Providing that her mother is financially capable. Her mother may choose to get the sponsor for the father. 
  • In some cases, students do get sponsored from the school/college they attend. 
  • There is also an option to apply for a student to apply for a short period visa – Usually a period of study for 60 days. This kind of visa a renewable one
UAE Student Visa

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2. Eligibility To Get A UAE Student Visa

The first thing you need to be eligible for the UAE Student Visa is an admission letter from the school/institution you which to study in Dubai. After this, you will be required to accept the admission offer by writing a letter back to the institution indicating your acceptance and also pay all the necessary fees. Having done all these successfully, then you are good to go. 

3. The Cost Of Getting A UAE Student Visa 

Like I said earlier, this visa could be sponsored by either your parents or the college/institution you attend. Meanwhile it should be necessary you know what this visa is worth. Below is a break down of the cost of getting a UAE student visa below. 

  • The Visa Processing Fee Is Worth 2300 – 2700 AED
  • The Refundable Visa Deposit Is Worth 2500 – 3000 AED
  • The Medical Insurance Fee Is Worth 1300 – 1400 AED

You should note that some institution will ensure you pay all necessary fees for admission procedures before the issuance of the visa. Meanwhile you know that this issuance so take a period of 10 – 30 days. 

4. What Are The Requirements/Documents To Get A UAE Student Visa? 

Just like every other visa you may think of applying for, the UAE student visa too had its own requirements you must have before thinking of getting the visa. Below are the key requirements to get a UAE student visa. 

  1. Passport that its validity is not less than 6 months, along with two blank visa pages. One of the pages for the visa endorsement while the other should be for entry stamps. You make two copies of the passport. 
  2. Your most recent passport photographs should be ready depending on how many of them are requested. 
  3. The acceptance letter that you submitted when you accepted your admission should be ready too. 
  4. Your bank statement too would be needed so as to verify funds and fees. 
  5. Letter of tenancy agreement is required for those that applied for accommodation in their desired institution in UAE. 
  6. Your tuition fee payment receipt is needed. That is the receipt of the current year you applied for. 
  7. Attestation letter for undergraduate degree program is needed for those that are going for post graduate program in UAE. This is also applicable to those in high school that wants to further their degree education in the United Arab Emirates. 
  8. Medical test certificate carried out at an approved medical center for the following tests below;
  • HIV/AIDs Test
  • Chest X-ray
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Tuberculosis
  • Syphilis 
  • Leprosy

You should note that if you are tested positive for any of the diseases above then you are bound to be deported. An exception is syphilis which can actually be treated there, but for more valid information about this; you are advised to visit UAE immigration department or the UAE ministry of health. 

5. How To Apply For The UAE Student Visa 

  1. Ensure you have a clear goal on your purpose of going to Dubai.
  2. Ensure you fill your UAE student visa application form and also attach your passport photograph.
  3. You photo must fit in the recommended specifications. 
  4. Attach all the required documents listed above together with your application form. 
  5. Ensure the form is completely filled and submit to the Dubai Visa Application Center alongside the necessary fees in cash. 
  6. As soon as your visa is approved, your PNR will be updated and can be collected at the application center. 
  7. Make photocopies of your documents and ensure everything is intact because if any one is missing, your application may be forfeited. 

6. Some Important Key Points You Should Note When Applying For The UAE Student Visa 

  • Whenever a student stays out of UAE for over a period of 6 month. His/Her Visa will be rendered invalid. 
  • A visa should take a period of 2-5 weeks for all processes to be completed. Providing that the applicant submitted the accurate information. 
  • A visa that is known to take a period of 1-3 weeks is known as express visa. This is known to be one of the fastest of all kind of visa. 
  • Visa cancelation process do take a period of 1-3 weeks for the whole process to be completed while for express visa, it takes a period of two weeks. 

I believe at this stage, you have almost everything needed to get a UAE Student Visa. I hope you question on how to get UAE Student Visa has been answered. 

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