Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship for International Student 2020

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The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung scholarship for international student program offers around 2,700 scholarships annually to students and postgraduates from developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The scholarship provides the opportunity to study in all specialities of any type of university, including doctorates, which are currently enrolled in a German university.

The FES Foundation has always been recognized for its programs to support social inequalities, being very active in education and academic training to achieve a successful professional career and in turn, an appropriate education according to the values ​​of today’s society. 

According to this, within the total of all Friedrich Ebert Stiftung scholarship programs, around 2,600 people will receive a scholarship from the Foundation this year.

It is one of the largest scholarship foundations in Germany, which supports gifted students and young scientists from around the world, including Ukraine.

Established in 1925 and named after Germany’s first democratically elected head of state, Friedrich Ebert, the foundation focuses on values ​​such as freedom, justice and solidarity. 

Therefore, its fellows should, above all, be distinguished by outstanding academic performance and take an active socio-political position close to the spirit of the foundation.

See the Institutions Where the Studies Will Be Carried Out:

Universities and technical colleges linked to Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Germany.

Levels and Areas of Studies:

Bachelor, master and doctorate courses in the subjects accepted by the program.

Scholarship Worth

The amount of such a scholarship is 744 euros per month, the duration of funding depends on the academic performance and social and political activity of the student.

Also, the fund covers the expenses of the scholarship holder for medical insurance and provides material support of 155 euros per month to the family members of the scholar (spouse and children) who live with him in Germany. But if the scholarship holder gets a job and his monthly income exceeds 400 euros, the amount of the scholarship may be cut.

University degree program (Promotionsförderung) is intended for graduate students who plan to write a PhD thesis in Germany and have the appropriate consent of one of the German universities. 

A graduate student can participate in the scholarship program for two years. In exceptional cases, this period may be extended for one more year.

Below Is a Summary of the Scholarship Worth

  • Basic scholarship: 744 euros per month.
  • PhD scholarship: 1,000 euros per month
  • Health insurance premium reimbursement.
  • Family allowance of 155 euros.

Eligibility Criteria for Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

All foreign students are welcome to participate in the scholarship winners selection processes. Below are some of the eligibility criteria you need to consider before applying for the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship.

  • Candidates should be people who are committed to society, for example actively participating in student council, youth work, associations and NGOs or political organizations that are appropriate to the principles of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.
  • Those who have previously been enrolled in a German university are not eligible for the full scholarships in Europe 2020 – 2021.
  • The following qualities are of vital importance when being selected as the award winner, these are:
    • Socio-political commitment and identification with the values ​​of social democracy.
    • Performance above average in school and studies.
    • Political and critical thinking.
    • Thirst for knowledge.
    • Tolerance and openness.
    • Capacity for teamwork.
    • Self-reflection.

Requirements for Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

To apply to the bachelor’s or master’s course, they must have the following:

  • University entrance qualification.
  • Confirmation of place of study or certificate of enrollment in German or state-recognized university or technical college for the course for which they wish to receive funding.
  • Foreigners must also demonstrate sufficient skills in the German language (it is recommended to have certificates that endorse this to improve your conditions of approval of the offer).
  • Freshmen must apply before or at the beginning of the first semester.
  • To apply for the doctoral course, they must have the following:
  • You must have an unconditional notification of admission to the doctoral scholarship.
  • If you are a foreign applicant, must also demonstrate sufficient German language skills.
  • Be enrolled in a German university.
  • For those interested in doing a doctorate, they must have a doctoral thesis tutor.
  • Prove knowledge of German: certificate Goethe C1, DSH-2, or Test DAF, level 4.
  • Limits to make the request
  • Degree program: up to 3 semesters before the end of the standard period.
  • Master’s program: towards the end of the first semester.
  • Doctorate program: have been accepted.

How to Apply for Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2020

Applying for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship should be taken seriously. The list of required documents is very extensive. The absence of one of them threatens to be excluded from the competition. 

The application can be submitted at any time, the fund does not set specific terms. Competitive selection of scholarship holders is carried out in three stages. 

Applicants fill out an online form first… Then, in case of a positive response from the commission, you should send the necessary documents. Among them – a short resume, a letter of motivation and two letters of recommendation from teachers of a German university or (if studies at the university have not yet begun) schools. Postgraduates are also required to provide a letter of recommendation from the supervisor and a detailed description of the topic of scientific work.

After checking the documents, the commission selects candidates and invites them for an interview. The interview with the candidate is carried out by the trustee of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, as well as one of the members of the selection committee of the foundation. 

After the interview, two letters are drawn up with the characteristics of the candidate, which, together with the documents, are sent to the selection committee for decision. 

Sessions of the commission, which includes professors from German universities, politicians, as well as famous scientists and cultural figures of Germany, are held several times a year. The candidates are informed about the decisions of the commission by mail.


There are two deadlines according to the selected course, these are:

Bachelor’s and Master’s: Until November 30, 2020.



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The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship for International Student is one of the best scholarships that you should take advantage of as a foreign student. You can as well share this scholarship opportunity with your colleagues who might be interested in it. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship for International Student 2020 in the comment section below.

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