Does sprite have caffeine? – Today’s Answer

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I was relaxing at a bar when I overheard a customer asked the salesman this question below;

‘Does sprite have caffeine?’

Well, as a nutritionist I had to look deep into the question before I realized that there are a lot of people online searching for an answer to the same question.

And I believe you are also here for the same reason. So all you have to do is to sit back and pay attention to every line of this article. Sprite is one of our favourite coca-cola products. This soft drink has made a lot of sales in several nations around the continent today. But one thing that bothers people about this drink is its nutritional content. So continue reading to get it.

Nutritional Value of Sprite

does sprite have caffeine

You must know the nutritional content of sprite to avoid further queries. So let’s check it out below.

  • Total numbers of Calories – 39
  • The total amount of Fat – 0%
  • Mass of Cholesterol – 0mg
  • Mass of Sodium – 9mg
  • Mass of Potassium – 1mg
  • Percentage of Carbohydrate – 3% = 10g
  • Mass of Protein – 0.1g
  • Percentage of Vitamins – 0%

Judging from the list above, you would notice the absence of Caffeine. Therefore sprite doesn’t have caffeine.

It can only boost your energy level due to the presence of the calories and carbohydrates.

The fact that this lemon soda increases your energy level might make you feel like there is a caffeine present in it.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t end there.

Do you know that excessive intake of sprite and other soda may be bad for your health? Find out why in the sub-head below;

Why You Should Not Take Sprite and Other Sodas Excessively

If you are wondering if the sprite has sugars, then don’t skip this section.

Well, we mentioned earlier that sprite contains 10g grams of carbohydrate. These carbohydrates are in the form of sugars whereby excessive intake of sugars can lead to some health complications like diabetes, weight gain, heart diseases and many others.

A recent study carried out by the American Heart Association has it that men are not supposed to exceed the intake of 36g of added sugar in a day while women shouldn’t go beyond 25g of sugar.

This means that if you were to take sprite in a day, you should not drink over 375ml of sprite because it is equivalent to taking 38g of added sugar.

The same is applied to other soft drinks that are being sold around the continent today. You are thereby advice to take these soft drinks moderately and not excessively.

I hope you also found an answer to the question ‘does sprite have sugar?’ in this section. So let’s probe further.

How About Sprite That is Sugar-Free?

Yes, we have heard about sugar-free soda or Sprites to be precise. The truth is that these sprites that are sugar-free also contain a substance known as aspartame (artificial sweeteners).

Well, even if this category of sprites are sugar-free – studies have it that the artificial sweeteners have some effect on weight gain, appetite and cancer. Meaning that drinking excess Zero – Sugar Sprite is not 100% safe.

However, the research concerning these artificial sweeteners is not yet concluded as at the time of publishing this article.

But remember that proper precautions need to be taken.

What drinks are recommended?

Firstly, I am glad that you were able to find an answer to your question which goes thus;

‘Does sprite have caffeine?’

And we were able to figure out why the excessive intake of Sprite may not be the best for you.

Meanwhile, you should see some recommended drinks for you now.

PS: Don’t get it twisted, Sprite is good for you but it becomes bad when you take it excessively in a day.

Therefore, in a situation whereby the recommended amount of sprite in a day is not enough for you. Then see some great additions for you below;

  • You can prepare a homemade lime-lemon drink yourself. You don’t need to include sugar in your recipe, all you need is the combination of club soda together with lemon and lime juice.
  • You can also choose to drink tea and coffee because these once contain natural sugars which are less harmful when taken excessively. They also contain caffeine if you are a fan of it.
  • You can choose to get some carbonated drinks that are naturally flavoured and has no sugar content. An example is La Croix Drink.

What Sodas Have Caffeine?

Since we were able to deduce the fact that sprite doesn’t have caffeine. It would be nice of us to give you a list of sodas that contain caffeine. So check them out below;

  • 20oz of Pepsi has 63mg of caffeine.
  • 12oz of Mountain Zevia has 55mg of caffeine
  • 12oz of Mountain Dew has 54mg of caffeine
  • 12oz of Diet Coke has 46mg of caffeine and many more.

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions concerning sodas with caffeine.

  • Does 7up have caffeine? – NO
  • Does Fanta have caffeine? – NO
  • Does Pepsi have caffeine? – YES
  • Does Mountain Dew have caffeine – YES
  • Does Ginger Ale have caffeine – NO
  • Does Root Beer have caffeine – NO


Well, I know there are a lot of soft drinks that were not mentioned. Don’t worry, we only picked the frequently asked once.

You may use the comment section to make your additions, ask your questions and make your suggestions.

Conclusion – Does Sprite Have Caffeine?

NO, Sprite doesn’t contain caffeine as we were able to deduce earlier in this article. But Sprite has been said to contain added sugar just like most sodas. This has made them unsafe when taken excessively in a day.

However, there are a lot of people online looking for an answer to this question ‘do sprite have caffeine?’

It is left for you to use the social share button to ensure this article get to them. Don’t forget to share your thought in the comment section below.

So over to you…

Does sprite have caffeine?

Let’s hear from you because your contributions will help us improve. Thanks

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