Flat Stomach Exercises You Can Do At Home

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Let’s quickly put you through some major flat stomach exercises you can do at home anytime and any day. Yes, an undeniable fact about us is that only a few people want a big belly.

Which simply implies that everyone wants a flat stomach ( both male and female). Meanwhile, some of us don’t know how to get a flat stomach at home without hitting the gym. This is the major reason our website has brought you a do it yourself flat stomach exercises you can do at home. Therefore, relax you nerves and have a prepared mindset as we show these set of exercises

1. The Iron

Flat Stomach Exercises

One of the most common exercises is the iron. With this practice you will be able to tone the abdomen , but also the arms and legs , therefore, it is very complete for the muscles. There are many possibilities to do it, that is, it is not an exercise that you can do only in one way, so we propose several models.


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What you have to do is lie on the mat face down, resting your feet and hands on the floor , always with your shoulders in a straight line with your elbows. You must hold in this pose for one minute and repeat it three times. Another way to do this is to support your hands instead of your elbows . What you have to repeat is to bend each elbow intermittently. This way you will lower the body, always keeping it straight, parallel to the ground. At the same time that you do the exercise, you must squeeze the abs , forcing more force. The important thing is that you don’t drop your hips or raise your butt too high for it to be effective.

2. Side plank

Flat Stomach Exercises

As we have said, there are many varieties of doing this exercise. Instead of horizontal, this time the side plank will be made . Support one hand on the mat, you can also support half an arm, up to the elbow, and the other on the body, ‘holding’ the hip.The legs must remain straight, one resting on the ground and the other on top of the one supported, foot to foot. When you are in the correct position you have to start lifting your body with your arm supported, forming a diagonal from head to toe , holding, if possible, one minute. The unsupported hand should continue to rest on the waist. While doing the exercise remember to tighten your abs.

3. Burpees

If you are looking for the most complete exercise for the muscles of your body , the burpee is the right one, included to achieve a flat stomach. In fact, it is performed in many high intensity sports disciplines, such as crossfit. Carrying it out can be a bit complicated at first , but once it is practiced and included in the routine it is very easy and useful to do. The starting position is standing, with your feet at hip level, which is important. Then the movement begins . You will have to move from the standing position to the squatting position so that, finally, you acquire the plank position and return to the initial standing position. In other words, it is a chain of movements that is linked to one another and goes from standing, squatting, ironing and standing again . You must repeat this exercise between 30 and 60 seconds.

4. Bridge with leg raises

Another of the exercises that we propose as allies to get a gut and heart attack abdomen is the leg lift bridge. This practice also has to be done lying on your back on the mat, but you have to bend your knees while fixing your feet on the floor . Then support your outstretched arms so that they also touch the ground.What you have to do are hip lift repetitions until the body position forms a straight diagonal from the shoulders to the knees . With this what we mean is that you should not drop the ass, but on the contrary, lift it and squeeze, also the abs. Hold for a few seconds and lift one of the two legs, to keep it straight and stretched for about 10 seconds. Then lower it and do the same with the opposite. You can do three sets of between five and ten repetitions and always include it in the routine to get that flat stomach.

5. Leg raise

This exercise can be simple, but it gives excellent results for a flat stomach. Of course, you have to keep the trick perfectly. It is about holding on with your back completely pressed to the ground, but lifting it not even a little bit. You have to lie on your back, with your arms also on the floor and raise your legs at the same time, until you can form a 90-degree angle with your body. Remember not to raise your back at all and you will notice how the gut is forced.

6. Crunch

Similar to the previous exercise we propose this other one, the crunch, which cannot be missing in your sports routine . To do this you have to adopt the same position, that is, lying on the mat face up . Then, instead of leaving your arms stretched, place them under your head, as if you were holding it.

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If you add a jump at the end of the survey it will be more effective

If you add a jump at the end of the survey it will be more effective

The practice is to raise both legs at the same time, forming the 90 degree angle again, but at the same time you lift your head , helping yourself with your arms. The back will almost completely permeate the ground, since you only have to raise your head a little. The head-leg movement must go at the same time.

7. Squats

Finally, the classic squats could not be missed to complete the list , it is also very effective. What you have to do is, standing up, bend your knees until they form a right angle, always keeping your back straight. We recommend that to intensify the exercise you add a jump just after the lowering phase . This way you will notice more work on the legs and buttocks. Of course, always keep the gut taut to tone it to the maximum.

I hope you enjoyed the article but I would advise you to put what you have learnt to practice in order to get a solid result. There are so many people out there looking for flat stomach exercises they can do at home, so you can do good by using the social share button to spread articles across to loved ones. We hope to see you here again.

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