How to Raise Your Vibration When Depressed

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I believe you interested in knowing how to raise your vibration when depressed!

Yes, depression is fast becoming a serious issue among youths and adults around the world today and If is not a quickly addressed, it could lead to more serious complications.

Therefore one of the proven ways to ease depression is by raising your vibration. Our vibratory rate is our energetic radiation. Everything vibrates in nature. And we too, of course!

However, we can vibrate at different levels, at different frequencies. Much like a musical note, each has its particular energy signature.

This is what makes us unique, and that we get along more or less well with certain people (who have energies similar to ours).

Why You Should Raise Your Vibration

Increasing your vibratory rate also allows you to develop your intuition and to receive messages much more easily.  It is a way of experiencing the events that happen in our life much more fluidly and also of having a much stronger impact on our existence.

That is to say that when we are going to have a thought when we are going to have a project, a desire, or desire to manifest something, it will be much easier to create it in the matter.

The ideal is to visualize it first so that you get used to a higher frequency level.

So let’s learn how to increase your vibration rate when depressed below;

11 Ways to Raise Your Vibration is When Depressed

Now that you know why you should raise your vibration, I have shared 10 tips to increase your vibration level daily, in a simple and fast way below;

  •      Become Aware Of Your Predominant Thoughts

Thoughts become reality. Choose them well. When you don’t like a thought, put it aside and come back to it. 

We have over 60,000 thoughts a day; so we can’t control them all. The predominant thoughts are the ones that shape your life so know how to control those at least. Controlling your predominant thought because it will help you raise your vibration rate when depressed.

  • Meditate Regularly

When some people hear the word “meditate”, they already imagine a chore. A compulsion to place themselves in a certain position (sometimes even extreme) that their body is not used to.

At that position, they try to think of something other than the pain and the number of minutes they already have performed.

For me, meditation is the simple act of being alone with yourself, relaxed physically and mentally to create the emotion of gratitude and to visualize yourself with the things that you desire. 

During this visualization, you should forget about the things you don’t have and feel good with what you have.

  • Become Aware Of The Food You Eat

Food produces positive vibrations or negative vibrations. Take a test: notice how you feel 30 minutes before and after you have eaten something. More energetic, happier, indifferent, or more energetic?

  • Eliminate Alcohol And Drugs From Your Life

It is already known that alcohol and drugs worsen depression. Therefore you don’t have any reason to take them when depressed.

These are substances that have a low vibrating frequency. They bring you a very ephemeral pleasure that kills you slowly. Plus, the more you take, the more addicted you get. 

There is nothing worse than being addicted to something when depressed.

  • Become Aware Of The Music You Listen To

What living being is not influenced by music? Nowadays there are so many genres. And each of these genres produces different emotions. 

In music, we have the words and the rhythm. These 2 things are what to consider when listening to a song. The lyrics of the music you listen to penetrate your subconscious and affect you in one way or another.

As for the rhythm, scientific experiments have proven that people who listened to classical music as children tend to be smarter than others. Also, music with a too repetitive rhythm unconsciously tires the mind.

If you want peace, listen to peaceful and relaxing music, if you want to love, listen to music about love.

  • Analyze The Environment Of Your Home

The colours, the photos, the sun penetrating capacity, the books, the flowers in your room, and even the way you arrange your furniture create a special energy.

Bring joyful colours to your environment, allow the sun’s rays to enter it every day, display tables, photos that correspond to what you like, etc.

  • Decrease The Number Of Hours You Spend Watching Television

Not only is 50% of what you watch on TV not real, but without wanting to point the finger at you, what’s the point of sitting for 2 hours straight watching actors (who already have success) in a superficial series. 

The more time you spend in front of the TV, the more tired you will feel and the feeling of stagnation. Reducing the time you spend watching television is very likely to raise your vibration.

  • Become Aware Of The Frequency Of Vibration Of The People You Hang Out With

Your friends are a reflection of you and your income is the average of that of your 5 best friends. 

Do the people we hang out with the most influence you positively or negatively. Know how to stay away from bad people because they reduce your positive vibes.

  • Practice Kindness

Just like that is doing someone a favour. An “I can help you” will make him very happy. Give someone a sincere compliment, be nice, just for fun, and you’ll see how good you feel.

  • Practice Compassion And Forgiveness

To increase your positive vibes, you need to replace your negative emotions such as resentment, jealousy, anger, with strong and positive emotions at the same time, such as compassion, forgiveness, empathy.

  • Connect To Nature

Nature is naturally an element and an extremely high vibrating place since it is a creation directly from the Divine. Connect with nature regularly, even when you’re in town (looking at the sky, looking at a bird, appreciating a flower, recognizing an animal and gazing at it for a few moments).

Any connection to nature will increase your vibratory rate. The best is to be able to go for a walk in nature, in the forest, by the sea, in the mountains or even to sometimes go for a few immersions in nature.


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Conclusion – How to Raise Your Vibration When Depressed

At this point, I believe you now understand how to raise your vibration when depressed. You can as well share these tips with your collogues as they may find it useful.

In case you have got any other tips on how to raise your vibration when depressed, you should share it with us in the comment section below. Thanks.

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