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We have seen so many unhappy home because of lack of sexual satisfaction. We have also seen so many broken relationships and unhealthy situations which was also a result of lack of sexual satisfaction. 

Meanwhile a situation whereby a man is unable to satisfy his woman due to quick ejaculation is one the lack of sexual satisfaction we are talking about today. 

I know as a man, you wouldn’t want your woman to label you as a 2 secs man and also you wouldn’t want your woman to look elsewhere for a better sexual experience. 

Ways To Last Long In Bed

This is one of the major reasons we have brought this article right in your presence today. Well, if you can practice the 10 ways to last long in bed that would be discussed in this article today. Then, your quick ejaculation problem will be solved. Check them out below;

  1. Do The Workout: Wow, you may be wondering the kind of workout we are talking about here right? Don’t worry, you are covered. Well, you should know that lasting longer in bed has its own workout too and that workout is known as Kegel. This is a wonderful workout that involves training your pubococcygeal (PC) muscle in such a manner that you will be able to control your ejaculation. This exercise can actually be practiced anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is pretend you are urinating and holding it back by tightening the muscle controlling your urine flow. You can also do this when you are urinating. Therefore doing this kegel exercise can make you be in control of you ejaculation. 
  • Reduce Your Thrusting: Now because she screams harder should not make you loose your mind while you are making out with her. There are ways that you can make her feel sweet sensations without going deep. Just try to tease are clitrosis with the tip of your penis. Also, make your focus be at the nerve ends of her vagina not how deep you can. You may choose to press your penis against her G-spot, meanwhile at that point, you may need to go hard a little bit. But if you discover when you are about to release, ensure you slow down in a manner that you won’t tamper with her pleasure. 
  • Try Switching Positions: Whenever you switch positions, you will always have a pause, thereby will make you last longer in bed. You can try out various sex positions that are kind of tricky and won’t make you cum so soon. Therefore you are advised to skip sex positions like doggy because it will make your penis go deeper and also make sex easier. You should try out sex positions like spooning, side by side, the cross, sitting, woman on top and so many others. 



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  • Edging: Edging is just another common way that men use in  lasting longer in bed. It is a situation whereby you are able to stop yourself from ejaculating when you are already at the peak. This process can be practiced with masturbation – where you get yourself sexually aroused, stroke your penis or stimulate your clitrosis. When you notice you are about to cum, take a deep breath and slow down for about 3secs. Repeat the process again and again till you are ready to cum. 
  • Squeeze Method: The name already explains this already. This method can make you last longer in bed because it will help you push blood away from the penis and reduce the whole sexual tension. It is a straightforward process where you squeeze the head of your penis at that point you are about to release. It is a similar method to edging but this one requires pressure with your hands. 
  • Masturbating Before Sex: This is a real working method. You already know what masturbation means right? Let me remind you that masturbation is a method of stimululating your sex organs with your hands. This stimulation often leads to ejaculation. Therefore masturbating an hour before the real sex will literally feels like your are having the second round. Meanwhile men are meant to last longer in the second round of sex. The masturbation phase has released the whole semen that may make you cum quickly during sex. 
  • Thick Condoms: Yes, ensure you get a thick condom before sex if you are unsure of how long you would last with your woman. Thick condoms have been proven to prolong sex and prevent premature ejaculation. Therefore ensure you get a thick condom before getting into action. 
  • Satisfy Her First: This is another reason why foreplay is important during sex. Yes kiss her, touch her, suck her, stimulate are clitrosis with hands, finger her till she moans and make herself before thrusting your dick. All these will help you reduce the whole sexual tension and make you get more comfortable. Thereby making you last longer in bed. 
  • Pills: Most people are guilty of the use of pills to last longer in bed. This is so because they have been proven to work. The major thing you should consider before taking these pills is to confirm if they have been approved by any organization in the country that deals with drugs approval.Therefore visit the pharmacist close by to get a pill that can help you last longer in bed. 

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  1. Meet An Expert: Probably after trying everything you could to last long in bed but no positive change. You are advised to see a doctor or a urologist. They may help you find a solution to your problems. Meanwhile, premature ejaculation could be as a result of issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, thyroid problem, e.t.c

Well, I believe you should be happy that you found this article. Ensure you practice so that you can also make your woman happy. 

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